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“We are using AI to expand our understanding of what consumers want—and just as importantly, what they need. These insights help us design products that improve customers’ lives every day.”

Venu Vasudevan, PhDSenior Director, Data Science & AI Research

Venu leverages AI in multiple meaningful ways. He creates personalized digital advisors with AI, helping P&G build products to scale while serving individual needs. AI-amplified observation of consumers in their natural environments also helps him understand their actions and find opportunities for product improvements. Venu and his team created key AI algorithms that power the digital advisors for Braun's IPL device and Oral B. They also used AI to create cloth-like, next-generation underwear designs for Feminine Care brands. Venu maintains a strong relationship with the VC, academic, and startup communities as a panel member of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Seed Fund for Small Businesses.

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