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A true leader works to raise the bar in every aspect—challenging their teams to follow a good idea wherever it may lead them—especially when it presents an opportunity to disrupt current thinking. Scroll through the below to read more about the leadership team that drives innovation across our company.

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Miranda Farage, PhDP&G Research Fellow, BioScience

Miranda works as a Research Fellow in the BioSciences team, focusing on Real-Time In-Context digital transformation combining both clinical and consumer research to get deeper insights, as well as the creation of new portable, automated skin-health devices that enables at-home measurements or wherever the participants is. During her P&G tenure, Miranda’s groundbreaking research has shaped industry standards and has completely changed the way we think about skin and linking the impact of our products to consumer’s emotion, quality of life, and well-being with a validated Quality of Life tool. Notably, she has more than 250 manuscripts published in peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals and is editor of several scientific textbooks on skin, women’s health, and dermatotoxicology.

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