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Products Research

Within our R&D organization is a specialty team of experts focused on consumer research. These scientists and engineers leverage their diverse skills to “walk a mile” in our consumers’ shoes, working to deeply understand their needs, hopes, and desires. Their deep technical knowledge enables a high level of scientific rigor, which helps translate these consumer needs into technical objectives. Throughout this process, our researchers engage with experts in product design, development, product supply, manufacturing, technology development, and marketing to ensure they are identifying innovation opportunities and building delightful products that our consumers will love and trust.

"Products Research has been at the heart of P&G innovation for 100 years.
It sets us apart from other companies and enables us to continue raising the bar on innovation to deliver delightful products and experiences."
Julie Setser headshot

Julie SetserSenior R&D Vice President, Ecosystem of Digital Innovation and Products Research

Read more about the 100-year anniversary of our Products Research Organization.

Explore an example of our approach to product research here.

A World of Difference, Around the World

We have 13 Research Sites Across the Globe

  •  P&G's Kobe Innovation Center in Kobe, Japan
    Kobe, Japan (Kobe Innovation Center)
  • P&G's Beijing Innovation Center in Beijing, China
    Beijing, China (Beijing Innovation Center)
  • P&G's Greater London Innovation Centre in Reading, UK
    Reading, UK (Greater London Innovation Centre)
  • P&G's Germany Innovation Center in Kronberg & Schwalbach, Germany
    Kronberg & Schwalbach, Germany (Germany Innovation Center)
  • P&G's Brussels Innovation Center in Strombeek-Bever, Belgium
    Strombeek-Bever, Belgium (Brussels Innovation Center)
  • P&G's Newcastle Innovation Centre in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
    Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK (Newcastle Innovation Centre)
  • P&G's Latin America Innovation Centre in Louveira, Brazil
    Louveira, Brazil (Latin America Innovation Centre)
  • P&G's World Shaving Headquarters in South Boston, Massachusetts
    South Boston, Massachusetts (World Shaving Headquarters)
  • P&G's Mason Business Center in Mason, Ohio
    Mason, Ohio (Mason Business Center)
  • P&G's ITC Fabric & Home Care Innovation Center in Saint Bernard, Ohio
    Saint Bernard, Ohio (ITC Fabric & Home Care Innovation Center)
  • P&G's Singapore Innovation Center in Singapore
    Singapore, Singapore (Singapore Innovation Center)
  • P&G's Beckett Ridge Technical Center in West Chester, Ohio
    West Chester, Ohio (Beckett Ridge Technical Center)
  • P&G's Winton Hill Business Center in Cincinnati, OH
    Cincinnati, Ohio (Winton Hill Business Center)

Publications Library

A sampling of more than 6,000 articles published by P&G innovators.

A Microbiome-Based Index for Assessing Skin Health and Treatment Effects for Atopic Dermatitis in Children

Sun Z, Huang S, Zhu P, Yue F, Zhao H, Yang M, Niu Y, Jing G, Su X, Li H, Callewaert C, Knight R, Liu J, Smith E, Wei K, Xu J. A


August 2019

Bioengineering the Microanatomy of Human Skin

Roger M, Fullard N, Costello L, Bradbury S, Markiewicz E, O'Reilly S, Darling N, Ritchie P, Määttä A, Karakesisoglou I, Nelson G, von Zglinicki T, Dicolandrea T, Isfort R, Bascom C, Przyborski S

Journal of Anatomy

February 2019

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