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P&G Showcases Product Science at the 2024 American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting

APRIL 2024

For nearly 20 years, P&G has had the privilege to engage with the most distinguished players in the dermatology space at the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) annual meeting. With over 300 sessions and more than 10,000 medical professionals in attendance, AAD is the largest dermatology conference in the world. This year, P&G experts met with thousands of medical professionals while on site in sunny San Diego, CA, maximizing the moment in time to connect the dots between our rigorous science and our superior product performance.

P&G’s portfolio of dermatology products attracted over 5,000 attendees to the P&G exhibit hall booth—engaging with scientists from Olay, Tide, Head & Shoulders, and Braun—many of the brands their patients use daily.

insights & innovations booth

Informative sessions across the booth attracted dermatologists and other medical professionals by educating them on the science behind our products, which can help providers support their patients in a clinical setting. This year’s sessions highlighted the importance of niacinamide in skincare routines as well as findings on anti-dandruff shampoo compliance, just to name a few.

At the Insight and Innovation station, we featured our newest personal care products, Secret Whole Body Deodorant and Old Spice Total Body Deodorant, the only whole-body deodorant brands at the conference.

people standing and listening to a presentation in front of an insights & innovations booth

“Featuring whole-body deodorant allowed attendees to ask questions on how to use new products and to learn more about the science behind our 72-hour odor protection,” said Maiysha Jones, PhD, Director, North America Personal Care Scientific Communications. “Professionals did more than discuss the ingredients used to combat odor-causing bacteria. They were given the chance to test the formulas and were particularly impressed by how the product didn’t just sit on their skin, but effortlessly absorbed.”

Digging Deeper into Product Science: Olay, Tide, and Head & Shoulders


Olay products have always been rooted in deep scientific expertise and have leveraged dermatologist recommended ingredients for decades. This year at AAD, Olay showcased their Super Serum, formulated with efficacious ingredients, including the breakthrough discovery, activated niacinamide, which uses a lower pH level to promote an even skin tone and to improve skin texture. To measure how effective these ingredients are, Olay conducted a clinical study that used 3-D Visia imaging technology on 200 subjects over the course of two months. During the study, Super Serum demonstrated its full potential to reduce the skin’s “chaosity” (a novel measure of skin smoothness) when incorporated into a skin care routine and lowered levels of micro inflammation on the skin.


We know that 80% of dermatologists recommend using laundry detergents free of dyes and perfumes for patients with sensitive skin. And because Tide Free & Gentle is a hypoallergenic detergent that has no dyes, no perfumes, and no irritating residues, it’s the #1 brand used by dermatologists. The lift-and-block cleaning action in the detergent cleans all the way down to the fiber level and helps prevent soils from redepositing onto fabric. Echoed by 88 clinical studies, washing fabrics with Tide Free & Gentle is as gentle on sensitive skin as pure water—and actually works.

Head & Shoulders

Head & Shoulders is the #1 dermatologist recommended hair care brand for dandruff, much to the credit of our active ingredient, pyrithione zinc (ZPT). Rather than just treating the symptoms of dandruff, ZPT works by getting to the root cause by simultaneously removing and preventing the formation of scalp irritants. This year at AAD, we emphasized how important compliance is for people suffering with dandruff, as our recent clinical studies highlights how quickly the cycle of dandruff starts again when patients stop using a shampoo solution. Within just a few days, users saw increases in histamine, a key scalp itch biomarker, and in serum albumin, which signals the early breakdown of scalp-skin barrier function. On top of that, physical Malassezia counts doubled in less than 2 weeks.

P&G: Improving Everyday Life

Each year, our experts leave AAD gratified by the evolving science within the dermatology space and inspired to continue to contribute and create products to improve the lives of our consumers. We are excited for all the innovations to come within the next year and look forward to AAD 2025!

P&G R&D knows that research unlocks discovery with data. We’re proud to offer educational and clinical resources for practicing healthcare professionals—in fact, professionals are welcome to register for our Insights & Innovations Webinar Series.