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Connect and Develop

New Connect + Develop Online Hub Accelerates Innovation & Collaboration

APRIL 2024

At P&G, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Importantly, we believe in the power of collaboration to accelerate innovation beyond what any one of us could do alone.

Our open innovation program Connect + Develop forms unique partnerships to create disruptive innovative solutions across P&G business units. From entrepreneurs at small startups to scientists at leading university laboratories, P&G C+D is proud to partner with outside organizations to bring the next generation of consumer products to market.

To better power our open innovation efforts, P&G R&D launched a new Connect + Develop digital hub where external partners can learn more about C+D and submit their new technology or innovation. The interactive website includes a roadmap where entrepreneurs can explore the key milestones in the innovation process and understand how they can partner with P&G to bring their invention to life.

The website also features specific business areas where the company is actively seeking partnerships. Mosquito technologies, digestive wellness and therapeutic skincare are just a few of the priority areas where inventors can submit their business models or product prototypes.

“We love working with people who constantly challenge the status quo with curiosity and excitement,” said Lee Ellen Drechsler, senior vice president of Research & Development for Procter & Gamble. “We know there’s immense power in looking beyond our four walls to challenge, grow, and innovate, and we’re excited for the new C+D website to serve as the gateway for even more collaboration turning initial concepts into cherished products.”

Explore more ways Connect + Develop delivers on the company's most challenging opportunities through open innovation, fueled by partnerships around the globe.